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Up your ChatGPT Game with Prompt Wizard

PromptWizard lets you create and save your own prompts for ChatGPT. You can also search for and favorite the best prompts from the community.

Stop Repetition

No longer will you have to type out the same prompt over and over again. Save your favorite prompts and use them whenever you want.

Find amazing prompts

ChatGPT is only ask good as how you use it. Find the best prompts from the community and use them to get amazing results.

Share your best prompts

Share your best prompts and see how many favorites you get!

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Get access to plugins on ChatGPT

Right now, plugin access is only available to developers, but you can sign up for the waitlist today.

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Sign up for Prompt Wizard and receive an API key to use with ChatGPT.

Add to ChatGPT

When you start a new chat with plugins, find Prompt Wizard in the app store and activate it. You will be prompted for your API key.

Search, Save, and Share

Ask ChatGPT for instructions and use it naturally. Search for prompts related to your goals, save your favorites, and share your best prompts with the community.

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